Divine Providence

Under the Mountain

The journey begins!

Following rumors, clues, and signs that bear ill tidings, the party has descended beneath Thunderspire Mountain to investigate and perhaps, once again, conquer what evil forces as may be at work.

First the traveled to a bustling, subterranean city of sorts, the [[:Seven-Pillared Hall]], which serves as a relatively stable and secure access point through which trade and commerce can flow, both from the surface world, and the Underdark. They encountered relatively little trouble say for a relatively minor encounter with a group of Bloodreaver slavers, from whom they rescued the halfling, Rendil Halfmoon.

During their explorations of the [[:Seven-Pillared Hall]], their somewhat noble paladin found himself on the wrong end of what serves as the law within the Hall. However much to everyone’s surprise, Daaath not only survived his encounter with Brugg, the brutish ogre enforcer who serves as leader of the Hall’s ‘peace keepers’, but the dragonborn managed to emerge triumphant, having bested Brugg in a fight in the Halfmoon Inn. The ogre ran off swearing vengeance, though the observing citizens seemed pleased to see the ogre ‘get his’. It remains to be seen if Daaath’s actions will help or hinder the party in the long term.

The party explored the entirety of the Hall, discovering various shops, local history, and interacted with a number of its citizens. Some of whom required assistance, and others who offered it.

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People of note:

Now, the party readies itself to venture forth into the ruins of the once fabled minotaur empire. They have contracted with Terrlen Darkseeker, to serve as guide for their expedition.



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