A fledgling party, each on a personal journey juxtaposed with the shared adventures and perils of their companions.

Daaaath, an awesome dragonborn Paladin. Semi-sworn to Ioun (and semi-sworn to pragmatism), he crusades to drive away the darkness of ignorance and fear with the light of knowledge, and the strength and hope which knowledge brings. Let Vecna, seated atop his cache of secrets and hidden wisdom tremble. Like many dragonborn, he not only fights as a champion of knowledge, but to find it. The history of his race is long, but lost. He hopes to discover what he can. He has always wanted to know what it was like to own a slave.

Cho-khak, a virtuous and mighty cleric of Kord. A Goliath, his will is unyielding and his faith as firm as the mountains from which he came. Refusing to turn from Kord as his tribe abandoned their ancestral devotion to the God of Storms, Strength and War, he was declared anathema and cast out. He travels to test, and prove, his strength, so that he might one day return, bearing his tribe’s salvation, and guiding them once more into the wonder and fury that is Kord’ raging glory.

Rosy Kedavra, dwarven Invoker sworn to the Goddess of Death and Winter, the Raven Queen. Her divine mistresses’ gift is often feared and misunderstood by the mortal world. Many go to great lengths and make terrible and dark pacts so that they might forever scorn the Raven Queen’s eternal kiss. Her faithful Invoker, however, will assure that her Queen’s will, and her greatest blessing, will not be denied. “Death comes to all living things,” it is said. And so it must be.

Morronna Schawa, elven druid. Slender and seemingly frail as all elves appear, her appearance well masks the fury of wild places, and the terrible might of ancient and primal powers. Having achieved mastery over her very form, she unleashes the terrible onslaught of nature itself on both two legs, and on four.

Avadara, half-elven ranger. A child of two worlds and a master of the bow, she has come from the wild places no others dare travel to venture into the world. No stranger to death, having once valiantly fallen into the Raven Queen’s quiet embrace, her courage and dedication were only further bolstered by allowing Daaaath such means in his quest for knowledge.

Divine Providence

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